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Threat Talk - Mary Manjikian

'Threat Talk' exposes how US and Chinese scientists and policy-makers have understood and responded to the problem of internet addiction in their societies. Mary Manjikian's culturalist approach claims that the internet is neither inherently helpful, nor inherently threatening. Rather, its role and the dangers it poses may be understood differently by different societies.

'The volume provides a truly original contribution to Social Constructivism and internet studies alike by showing how the perceived purpose and function of a technology are not the same across countries. Investigating the case of "internet addiction" in the United States and China, it is a fascinating reading for students and scholars in  Political Science, Sociology and Psychology.' Giampiero Giacomello, University of Bologna, Italy
 'Threat Talk by Professor Manjikian is an interesting and thoroughly researched book that exhibits solid out of the box thinking, cross disciplinary research, and case study insight into the politics of internet addiction.' Kevin Cooney, Northwest University, USA 
 'Written in a lively and engaging manner, Threat Talk explores how states understand and respond to the challenge of cyber-addiction. Drawing from a rich set of cases including China and the United States, Manjikian persuasively argues that societies' values, beliefs, and cultural traditions are the critical determinants. The broader point she makes-that technology may sharpen rather than flatten political differences across states-is provocative, counter-intuitive, and ultimately convincing.  A fascinating read for scholars and generalists alike.' Elizabeth Economy, Council on Foreign Relations, USA
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ISBN: 978-1-4094-3394-1
Published: February 2012
Price : £55.00

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