Doctoral opportunites at the University of Brighton

The University of Brighton is announcing 16 studentships, one of which directly pertains to LGBTQ Lives with a possible focus on ageing. Details below. Please get in touch for more information. 

About this project 

We are offering the opportunity for a doctoral student to develop an innovative project that relates to understandings of contemporary queer lives by exploring interactions within LGBT populations and/or between LGBT and non-LGBT populations and how these relate to areas such as identity formation, community engagement/affiliation, minority political practices, and their implications for health and psychological well-being. 
The project will be located in the School of Applied Social Science and the candidate will have links with the university-wide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer Life Research Hub. The proposed research project should seek to explore sexual and gender exclusions and liberations through interactions and encounters between sexual/gender others and ‘mainstream’ societies.

The proposed research should aim to improve understandings of LGBT/Q experiences often formed in the context of marginalisation, exclusion and stigmatisation. It is expected that the project will be informed by transdisciplinary theories developed in feminist, queer, affect, sexualities, critical psychological/psychosocial, sociological and cultural geography studies. The project is also expected to provide empirical evidence and offer significant methodological innovation by drawing on qualitative, visual and participatory-community approaches. 

The awarded PhD will generate applied knowledge relevant to the local communities with which it engages in order to inform theory, policy and practice and generate findings that will have an impact on local, national and/or international policy and practice. Projects addressing the 'LGBT' collective are encouraged to explore elements of shared and contrasting experiences and needs within national and international contexts. Projects that focus on the experiences of those marginalised within the LGBT collective are encouraged to develop better understanding of multiple marginalisations and intersectional differences, and recommendations for transformative practices. 

Candidates are expected to develop their own proposal within these parameters, but indicative areas of study might include: 

• LGBT safety and encounters with differences 

• LGBT marginalisation, stigmatisation and persecution 

• Community-based interventions for LGBT mental health and suicidal distress 

• International LGBTQ activism 

• Ageing and ethics of care for LGBT communities 

• The impact of policy changes on LGBT subjectivities, communities, health and mental health 

• Participatory action research and transformation of LGBT identities, policies and practice 

• Exploring the specificities of trans people's lives, their relationships with LGB people, communities and healthcare professionals. 

Generic scheme details 

University of Brighton PhD Studentships 2014 

The University of Brighton is investing over £1M in new studentships for a range of fully-funded research projects in areas of arts and humanities, life and physical sciences, and social sciences, for entry in 2014. 

Each studentship is worth £60,000 and will support full-time doctoral study over a three-year period. These 16 studentships are one element in a range of postgraduate research opportunities. 

Deadline for applications 4pm 20th February 2014 

Interviews 10–21 March 2014 

Want to know more? Find out more about the projects available or to make your application visit or contact us on: +44 (0)1273 761137 or at 

Centres for Doctoral Training: Brighton is a partner within three newly approved Centres for Doctoral Training, two funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (TECHNE and Design Star) and one by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (SEAHA, Science and Engineering in Arts, Heritage and Archaeology). We will be recruiting to these centres for the first time. For information follow the links below: 

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