Kings ESRC Studentships in Health Policy, Effectiveness & Evaluation

ESRC Studentships for September 2012 are available at King’s College London, in the thematic area of health policy, effectiveness and evaluation (HPE) ( .

HPE is part of the King’s Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Centre (KISS-DTC), and it encompasses three broad pathways:

 *   Health care effectiveness
 *   Health policy
 *   Health economics

You can either apply to one or other of these areas, or you can apply with a project that works across them. You should have very good qualifications and a clear research idea, and to apply, there are a number of steps to follow:

1) Identify a potential supervisor (discuss your project with admissions tutors, academic staff etc. in the relevant school/department if don't already have a specific person in mind).

2)  Email the person you have identified, providing detailed information about your background, your qualifications, prior research methods training, and a research proposal.  If after a very careful look, you are unsure about who to contact, please send the material to me at writing ‘ESRC Studentship’ in the Subject.

3)  If the person you have contacted encourages you, follow the application procedures outlined at<>.  Check your eligibility very carefully, and confer with your potential supervisor if you’re unclear whether your project qualifies for funding from the ESRC.

4)  As well as writing your studentship application – the ‘Case for Support’ – you need to apply for an ordinary/non-funded doctoral place through the online admissions portal:  You’ll need to include a research proposal in the ordinary application, but do note the difference between this and the Studentship Case for Support.  The CfS form asks specific questions and you can’t use more than 2 sides of A4.

5)  The closing date for the ESRC Studentship applications is Wednesday 1 February 2012, 17.00hrs.  If you’re encouraged to apply, start working on the forms well before this deadline. You will also need to contact your referees well in advance, to ensure that they have submitted their references by the deadline.

For general queries related to studentships and doctoral places, please see the KCL graduate school website:

Best wishes
Anita Patel
HPE Theme Leader, KISS-DTC

Senior Lecturer & Co-Deputy Director
Centre for the Economics of Mental Health
Box 24
Institute of Psychiatry
De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AF

00 44 (0)20 7848 0589
00 44 (0)20 7848 0458 (fax)<>
Twitter: @KCLHealthEconom
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