20th Sociology of Health and Illness Monograph

The 20th Sociology of Health and Illness monograph will critically examine the concept of 'health behaviours', which is increasingly widespread in both health research and government policy. Whether already an established focus for interventions as in the UK, or only yet emergent, as in some other international settings, health behaviours are presented as self-evident topics for investigation and action. Derived from psychology, the idea that human behaviour can be divided into discrete, stable and measurable categories, and that such actions are merely the result of individual agency and rational choice, is at odds with most sociological approaches emphasising the relational nature of social life. Further, given the complex and diverse ways in which people make sense of issues relating to their health and body, it is often striking just how few of these perspectives are ever acknowledged or integrated into behavioural accounts.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 31st January 2012. For further information, see:

Dr Simon Cohn
Medical Anthropologist
Senior University Lecturer
General Practice & Primary Care Research Unit
Institute of Public Health, Cambridge University
Forvie Site
Cambridge CB2 0SR
01223 330338
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