Contributors sought for new focus group collection


We (Rosaline [Rose] Barbour, Open University, UK) and David Morgan (Portland State University, USA) are developing a proposal for an edited collection on Focus Groups - provisionally entitled A New Era of Focus Group Research.

We hope you may be interested in submitting an abstract [no more than 300 words) for consideration  or  by the end of March, 2013. Please feel free to contact either of us should you wish to discuss your ideas.

The idea behind this volume is to showcase those exciting new uses of focus groups which have attempted to bridge the applied/theoretical divide, or which have advanced theorizing or methodological innovation.    In particular, the collection, as a whole, will suggest how researchers could capitalize further on the potential of focus groups through interrogating their practice and seeking to develop imaginative approaches.  This will involve taking a critical look at recently developed and evolving approaches in order to examine the potential of focus groups in relation to 3 specific areas:

*         Applying Focus Groups in New Contexts (whether these are disciplinary, professional or topic-related)

*         Theorizing Focus Groups (including looking critically at the contribution of theory for applied research, and also inter-disciplinary research)

*         Methodological Advances (in research design, sampling, conduct of focus groups, development of stimulus materials, recording/data generating formats-including online focus groups)

Contributors will be tasked with reviewing their own use of focus groups - whether in an applied or more theoretical context - and will be encouraged to look beyond the traditional boundaries of their professional practice, disciplinary focus and methodological persuasions in order to reflect, essentially, on how they 'could do better' and, ultimately, how they might use focus groups to greater advantage.
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