‘Knotty Issues in Multi-disciplinary Research in Ageing” Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) and Centre for Policy on Ageing (CPA) Seminar

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‘‘Knotty Issues in Multi-disciplinary Research in Ageing” 

Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) and Centre for Policy on Ageing (CPA) Seminar 

The Open University, 1-11 Hawley Crescent, Camden, London, NW1 8NP 

This latest seminar from the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) at The Open University and the Centre for Policy on Ageing (CPA) looks at the issues involved in multi/inter-disciplinary research. 

Gerontology has long been seen as an area for multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research essential to the understanding of human ageing with specific institutional examples of collaborative working since the 1980s. Two decades later the National Collaboration on Ageing Research (NCAR) including four of the Research Councils developed various research programmes encouraging multi-disciplinary perspectives (e.g. EQUAL, NDA). The more complex issue of inter-disciplinary work where approaches are integrated rather than viewed separately has raised a number of obstacles: structural difficulties within institutions; lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity between disciplines; cultural barriers; epistemological differences; methodological differences; psychological factors, and failure to acknowledge value (see Hennessy and Walker, 2011). This seminar seeks to hear from those who have been part of this history. How have collaborators come together, stayed together, what have they learnt? What have they needed to know? Is the research outcome more powerful at making impact and generating wider acceptance by all stakeholders? While it is true that some research questions are best addressed by a single discipline what can we learn from collaborative working? What are the knotty issues? 

Ref: Hagan-Hennessy,C & Walker, A (2011) ‘Promoting multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary ageing research in the United Kingdom’ Ageing & Society 31 (1) January pp 52-69 

We are pleased to welcome the following speakers: 

· Professor Catherine Hennessy (Plymouth University) 

· Professor Miriam Bernard (Keele University) 

· Professor Sheila Peace (The Open University) 

Alongside their colleagues from the NDA projects: 

· This Grey and Pleasant Land 

· Ages and Stages 

· Transitions in Kitchen Living 

Bringing together social gerontologists with experts from the arts, humanities and design/ergonomics. 

Registration is now open! 

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