Do you have a social science degree and want to study further in health research?

Newcastle University are currently recruiting for their MSc in Social Science in Health Research.  This programme provides broad research training in contemporary social science methodology and methods, along with research skills specifically related to health, illness and health care. It is designed for students who want to progress to a PhD and/or research career.  It is an ESRC accredited masters and has excellent connections with our North East Doctoral Training Centre.
The course aims to:
Enable graduates to gain advanced knowledge and understanding of the social science disciplines related to health, illness and health care.
Produce graduates who are capable of successfully undertaking and completing advanced research projects by them to undertake a general training in research methods and management within Social Sciences.
Contribute to ESRC, NHS and University of Newcastle objectives by providing high quality research training to an increasing number of postgraduates and enhancing their key skills and employability.

Please contact Dr Katie Brittain (Degree Programme Director) for any further information on
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