PhD Studentship - Accessing the Urban Environment for People with Dementia

PhD Studentship - Accessing the Urban Environment for People with Dementia, Newcastle City as a case study

This 3-year doctoral studentship is linked to a wider multi-disciplinary project that aims to advance the concept of the ‘age-friendly city’. The research will focus on Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding regions. The studentship will draw on participatory mixed methods to explore the impact that living with dementia has on accessing outside space, particularly how people with dementia experience the use of urban built environments. This studentship will use the concept of place as an analytic and constructive concept towards the development of age-friendly city living. A place-based approach analyses the interactions between architectural space, people’s interactions within that space, and the meanings and values that are associated with particular spaces. It is these interactions through the physical built environment that create places that hold meanings and values and shape social relations between people. 

Dr K Brittain (Social Gerontologist, Institute of Health and Society,


Dr C Degnen (Social Anthropologist, School of Geography, Politics and Society,

Sponsor: The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of the Biomedical Research Centre, Newcastle University
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