STS stream at BSA 2013

The Science & Technology Studies (STS) stream at the Annual British Sociological Association Conference covers a wide range of work on all areas relating to science, technology and society, and employs an open‐response mode where you are welcome to submit abstracts on any relevant topic. This includes work on specific areas of science and technology (e.g. stem cells, digital society, energy and environment, health and biomedicine) as well as cross-cutting themes (e.g. public engagement, representation, innovation) and contributions to theory (e.g. perfomativity, expectation dynamics).

Themed groups of papers of panels
This year, in response to the conference theme of ‘Engaging Sociology’ we are also encouraging the submission of papers on specific themes in order to stimulate debate on key topics. The list of themes is given below, but we would strongly welcome other topics:

  • Public engagement
  • Science and politics
  • Human enhancement
  • Neuroscience and society
  • Responsible innovation

If you are interested in contributing to one of these topics, please submit an abstract to BSA with the theme lists in the key words.

This year’s sub-plenary will be given by Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley from the University of Edinburgh, and is entitled ‘Engaging in Public Engagement in Science’. Drawing on extensive involvement in a range of public engagement projects relating to biobanks, stems cells and e-health, Sarah will explore how public engagement events and activities are shaped, enacted and interpreted by sociologists and reflect on how we can maintain critical approaches and challenge contemporary science-public relations.

The deadline for submission of papers to BSA is 5 October. Further details on how to submit a paper can be found at the BSA Annual Conference ‘Submissions’ page: (

For further information please contact this year’s STS stream convenors:
Paul Martin (
Anne Kerr (
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