Social Science Research Position

The Ugandan Maternal and Newborn HUB
Supporting Sustainable and Effective Professional Voluntarism

Social Science will play a key role in project development and evaluation. Social science helps us to understand the context within which clinical interventions are taking place and identify and understand the processes shaping the implementation and effect of these.

The primary goal of the Ugandan Maternal and Newborn HUB is to improve maternal health in Uganda and support the empowerment of women.
The Social Science Fellow will work closely with the Project Coordinator to support project evaluation and learning and identify areas in which social science perspectives and research have the potential to enhance processes and outcomes.

In practice this may involve a variety of different approaches.
The position provides for a degree of autonomy in research development whilst also requiring the candidate to work on agreed dimensions of project evaluation.
The post holder will hold a degree in a relevant social science discipline, and where possible, a post graduate or research degree.

Critically, they will have some experience of and commitment to empirical research involving a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods (with an emphasis on the latter).
They will also have either direct experience of or a strong commitment to working in developing countries in an inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural environment.
They will be team players with excellent communication skills.
They will also be able to show evidence of sound writing skills either through reports they have contributed to or published research.

The social science volunteer will spend the first month working alongside Professor Ackers and James Ackers-Johnson to help to develop and understand the evaluation system we are developing. This will provide an opportunity for training in the use of NVIVO.

They will then be based in Kampala and live in the accommodation provided for the Kampala cluster. They will visit the other HUB locations as and when necessary and agreed with the Project Coordinator. Clear plans for travel and accommodation will be made during visits. Ideally these visits will be undertaken at the same time as the peripatetic bio-medical engineer to increase safety. Whilst in Kampala they will work closely with Ms Susan Barongo the Uganda-based evaluation assistant.

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