Well-being 2013 Conference: designs on well-being

WELL-BEING 2013: Designs on Well-being, exploring responses to the well-being agenda Hosted by Birmingham City University, 23rd-24th July 2013

We are pleased to announce the Second International Conference Exploring the Multi-dimensions of Well-being.  

This year the conference has a particular focus on examining how professions, practitioners, communities and individuals are reacting to the well-being agenda. Well-being 2013 will be asking a range of key questions - can we actually design for well-being – how do we experience personal well-being, how do existing approaches inform the overall agenda and is it possible to embed well-being as an overarching aim?  Accordingly, Well-being 2013 aims to bring a diverse group of delegates together to debate and discuss current understanding, new ideas, novel practice and underpinning theories.  Designs on well-being explores the notion that we all have experiences and responsibilities that  impact on the well-being agenda;  how we design goods, services and environments will influence personal well-being.  Well-being 2013 will explore the need to be ‘self-aware’, learning from the approaches of other disciplines, assessing the underpinning well-being parameters, outcomes and impacts of a wide range of interventions.  

New to 2013 and unique to the well-being debate is the inclusion of a series of sessions designed to encourage the individual to explore and reflect on ‘self and personal well-being’  through direct experience, involving designed interactive events with opportunity to feed back to the wider conference community.
Abstracts for presentations, papers and posters are invited from a range of disciplines and subject areas but we are particularly interested in targeting the following themes:

Designing for well-being
Embedding values
Conversations on well-being
Personal and group well-being narratives 
Well-being, object and personal environment
New products and services
Supporting well-being through practice 
Assessing the impact of interventions

The two day conference includes:
Keynote speakers drawn from a range of disciplines 
Conference poet
Interactive well-being sessions
Poster presentations, 
Conference papers 
Peer reviewed full papers 
Parallel themed sessions
Plenary sessions
Conference Dinner (Optional)

FIRST CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Deadline Tuesday 3rd January 2013

Abstracts are invited for 
Conference papers
Full Papers
Abstracts should be submitted via email.  They should include author details, contact address and a brief outline of the paper. Papers may be exploratory in nature or consider the findings of existing studies drawn from academia or practice.  They need to address issues relating to well-being where we are particularly interested to consider new and innovative work irrespective of its origins.
Authors should identify
The theme that their paper falls under

Posters - abstracts for poster presentations should be a maximum of 150 words in length.  The poster format size is A1. Poster abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings.

Conference papers – abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words.  Delegates presenting conference papers will be invited to prepare summary papers based on their abstract of up to 1,500 words for inclusion in the conference proceedings.
Full papers –abstracts should be a maximum of 200 words.  Full papers will be reviewed by an international group for consideration for inclusion in a special issue of the Article Press. Final papers should be a maximum of 5000 words, abstracts will be included in the conference proceedings.

For all queries contact: wellbeing@bcu.ac.uk
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