Preparing for Patient & Public Involvement in research: Training for Researchers Workshop

The University of Salford is addressing the gap in public involvement in research training for staff and members of the public with a series of full-day courses. The first one is aimed at staff/researchers and future ones will be for the public only and combined staff/public depending on people‚Äôs preferences/levels of interest. Courses for the public will be at a much reduced cost and the facilitator, Dr Tracey Williamson RGN (Research Fellow Public Engagement/User Involvement in Research) will also do some introductory workshops for free e.g. taster sessions. 

Express interest about future training to Tracey at or tel 0161 295 6424. Bespoke sessions for organisations and particular client groups/research focus (e.g. people with dementia; assistive technology co-design) also provided.

The first full-day staff course will run on November 1st at the University of Salford. See link below for info and to book.

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