Knowledge, politics and power: developing a research agenda to study how non-governmental organisations and networks shape health policy

Tuesday 15 October 2013
12.30 - 3.00pm
Room 2.36 Garrod Building, QMUL, Whitechapel

There are now a wealth of non-governmental organisations and networks involved in shaping and guiding public policymaking in the UK and elsewhere. As states have less and less capacity to design and action solutions to collective public problems - not least those concerned with health and healthcare - so spaces have opened up for a range of organisations, individuals and interests to input to policy debates. Thinks tanks, patient organisations, research organisations, management consultancies and more are now a common part of the policymaking landscape. The academic community has been slow to respond to these changes (within and outside of the UK) and to explore the potential impact on health policymaking, public health and healthcare delivery more broadly. Part of the reason for this lies in the challenge of accessing and studying networks of organisations and interests that often resist close examination.

This session aims to explore all of the above and with a view to developing an agenda for future research in the field. The emphasis is on bringing together a range of interested individuals from a range of disciplines and with a range of interests to explore the theoretical, methodological and practical challenges of undertaking further research in this area. A provisional agenda is set out below. All are welcome, whether interested or active in the field. The emphasis will be on discussion and sharing ideas with a view to building future research and collaboration.

12.30-13.00     Welcome and introductions, inc. brief overview of individuals' interests and/or work in the field
13.00-13.20     Studying NGOs in healthcare: theoretical and methodological challenges (Sara Shaw, QMUL)
13.20-13.40     Case study 1: Tobacco Companies and Think Tanks in the UK & EU (Katherine Smith, Edinburgh University)
13.40-14.00     Case study 2: Examining international health policy and networks: (Dave McCoy, QMUL / MedACT)
14.00-14.45     Discussion

14.45-15.00     Developing a research agenda

All are welcome, however numbers are restricted so please let
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