An ‘Ideas Event’ supported by the ESRC

Deadline for applications:  30 April 2013

Following the launch of the new INTEGRATE network, we would now like to invite you to the network’s first workshop.  

We are looking for a team of open-minded enthusiasts to join us in Prague on 2-3 October 2013.  The purpose of this two-day ’Ideas Event’ is to provide a free thinking discussion forum to create and develop innovative research ideas and collaborations.   Following the Ideas Event some additional funds will be available for successful teams to facilitate further group meetings in which ideas will be progressed and developed.  The intended outcome is that teams of scholars will be able to submit applications for additional research funding to appropriate grant bodies (please note INTEGRATE is not a funding body).   The 2 day event is free to attend and supported by funds from the ESRC.  Participants will have to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.  

New ideas are needed to gain a better understanding of the implications of transfers of wealth and poverty across generations.    Some emerging key issues are:  
·        populations are growing older, with fewer younger people to provide future support;
·        the accumulation of assets is generally seen as a means of moving out of poverty;
·        the availability of assets is unequal, across individuals, families and nations;
·        new dilemmas are emerging among older generations around when and how assets should be acquired, used and transferred;
·         among ageing populations the timing of transfers may be delayed, with important implications for the life chances and opportunities of younger generations.  

These issues are played out differently across developed and developing nations, and vary within political and cultural contexts.  Nonetheless they highlight the challenges and moral dilemmas facing individuals and families around the motivations for gifting, the benefits of receiving and the consequences of experiencing neither.  

We are looking for a diverse mix of participants to join us at our event.  We welcome applicants from a range of disciplines and backgrounds including academics, practitioners and other interested stakeholders.   We also welcome people at the start as well as towards the end of their careers.   What is important is your ability to develop new ideas, and your enthusiasm and willingness to work across new partnerships. 

If you are interested in participating in the INTEGRATE Ideas Event in October please submit an Expression of Interest, stating:

·         Your name and contact details
·         Your interest in the topic
·         What you can bring to the event (we are particularly interested in people who are enthusiastic about their research, and willing to step outside their particular comfort zone).  How well do you see yourself fitting in to the Ideas Event?
·         What do you hope to gain from participating in the event?

Applications should be no more than 2-sides of A4.  Please send to Beverley Searle at  Deadline for applications is 30 April 2013.    

For more information about INTEGRATE or to join the network please visit our website:
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