Call for Papers: Global Health & Science and Technology Studies workshop

Global Health is an emerging medical field that makes use of multiple disciplines and methodologies to address health and well-being of populations in diverse geographical contexts. Global health as a concept is multi-faceted and in practice it is often characterised by neoliberal surplus health, vertical service programmes and collaborations between international bodies seeking to address health-related issues in low-income countries. Science and technology play a central role in analysing these recent developments in Global Health, and with its interest in materiality, knowledge production, infrastructures, scientific collaboration and boundary-crossing, STS offers tools to understand Global Health challenges.
This workshop explores the intersections of social studies of Global Health and Science and Technology Studies and asks: What kinds of knowledge production and governance processes are evident in Global Health? How are boundaries crossed, produced and maintained? How do context and history shape Global Health programmes? How are different communities and forms of expertise produced, involved and enacted? What is the role of bioethics in such programmes? Issues that could be addressed include, among others: practices within global clinical trials, development of Global Health technologies (drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, and service delivery strategies), experimental public health interventions, access to medicines and health care, population surveillance programmes, novel collaborative partnerships (including civil society and activist groups), and governance mechanisms in regulating these.

Details of the workshop

The workshop will take place in 12-13 November 2013 at the Department of Health, Ethics & Society (HES), Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands. The objective of this meeting is to bring together researchers from e.g. Anthropology, Sociology, Public Health, STS and Development Studies, and provide a foundation for an international research network. Abstracts for the workshop are due on the 31 August 2013 and a total of 15 papers will be invited. The workshop format will entail pre-circulating paper presentations which will be discussed by discussants and the audience. Participants should be prepared to submit their papers (5.000 words) by 1 Nov 2013.

This workshop is organised as a collaborative endeavour between the Department of Health, Ethics & Society (Nora Engel, HES), Maastricht University, and the ETHOX Centre (Salla Sariola and Patricia Kingori), University of Oxford. This workshop is supported by WTMC, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture & Limburg Universityfund/SWOL. We have a limited number of travel and accommodation stipends available for those unable to fund themselves entirely. We look forward to your submissions.

For questions and submission of abstracts please contact:
Nora Engel (Ass. Prof. Global Health, HES)

Hellen Heutz (admin. support, HES)
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