Improving mental health through understanding our social context - Dr Lynette Joubert

Please join us for the inaugural lecture of the International Centre for Mental Health Social Research at the University of York: 

Improving mental health through understanding our social context 

Mental health problems affect one in four of us during our lifetime and present a significant global and economic burden. The rapidly changing and complex social environments in which we live contribute to our mental health. Our social environments can simultaneously be the source of the greatest distress and the greatest support, yet the nature of this influence is frequently invisible. How can we understand this and can we do anything about it? 

This lecture will explore the available evidence on the contribution of the social context to our mental health. In addition, Dr Joubert will discuss recent research that defines and analyses the importance of managing both risk and opportunity in social networks, to promote emotional well-being. She will report on a social network intervention CHIERS (Joubert, Harvey, Spittal, Hill and Pleban 2013) which reduced representations for deliberate self harm at emergency by 58%, suicide ideation by 37% and depression by 25%. 

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