Funding available for social/behavioural research in cancer

The National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative aims, through a variety of means, to promote earlier diagnosis of cancer, increasing access to optimal treatment and thereby improving survival rates and reducing cancer mortality. Through the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI), a consortium of funders (Cancer Research UK; Department of Health (England); Economic and Social Research Council; Health & Social Care R&D Division, Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland; National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, Wales; Scottish Government) has come together to develop a third UK call for research proposals in awareness and early diagnosis of cancer.
NAEDI Research Call 3 will accept high quality, researcher driven project grant applications on any topic within the field of early cancer diagnosis, across the whole of the NAEDI Pathway, including the following key areas where the evidence is currently lacking:
a. Investigating reasons for late presentation (to primary care or A&E) and low uptake of screening.
b. Developing effective interventions to prompt change, at both individual and systemic levels, to reduce late presentation and low uptake of screening.
c. Investigating reasons for delays occurring within primary care and onward referral.
d. The significance of symptoms across different cancer types
e. Making use of available data

The deadline for full applications is 13 September 2013. For more information about the remit and target areas of the current funding call, please see:

For further details please contact Dr Anne Helme, 020 3469 5442 or
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