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Final Issue

Medical Sociology online (MSo), was a free access publication of the British Sociological Association, publishing high quality research articles and commentaries in the field of medical sociology. The journal was a publication of the BSA MedSoc Group and had an interest in promoting the work of all sections of the medical sociology academic community, including postgraduate students and first time authors as well as those established in the field.


Welcome to this issue of MSo
Jackie Watts

Archive Articles

Some Remarks on the Dialogue between Sociology and Medicine
Anne Murcott
The following four articles are an exchange of views between Robert Harris and George W. Brown, originally published in Medical Sociology News Volumes 5 and 6, between January 1978 and January 1979. All four parts are published here, together, for the first time.

Why I am Browned Off with Quantitative Methodology
Robert Harris
Science and Common Sense: A Reply
George Brown
Science and Common Sense: A Rejoinder to Professor Brown
Robert Harris
Science and Common Sense: A Final Reply
George W. Brown
Medical Sociology and Health Care Management
David J Hunter
The following are six related articles, commencing with a piece by Professor Marsland in MSN Volume 14, Issue 2 in April 1989, and concluding with his report in MSN Volume 19, Issue 1 in December 1993, which are published here, together, for the first time.

Progress In Health Care: A Sociological Appreciation of the NHS Review and its Potential Benefits
Professor David Marsland
The NHS Review: The Need for a Critical Sociological Analysis
Gareth Williams and Jonathan Gabe
Reform of Reaction in Health Care?
Professor David Marsland
Research Into Health Care
Professor David Marsland
Research Into Health Care – Partisanship or Scientific Inquiry
Robert Dingwall
Implementing Health Care Reform: From Policy to Practice
Professor David Marsland
Emotions and the Body: Raising the Issues for Medical Sociology
Gillian A. Bendelow & Simon J. Williams
Tales from the Natives: Declining Response Rates and the Promise of Participatory Methods
Dr Martin O’Neill
Incapacity Benefit and Medical Sociology: A Missing Link?
Patricia de Wolfe
Missing Connections: Medical Sociology and Feminism
Ellen Annandale

Symposium Report

Applied Qualitative Health Research Special Interest Group Symposium

Recent PhD Abstract

‘’: An Auto/Biographical Study of Relationships with Food
Julie Parsons

Book Review

Lesley Doyal, with Len Doyal – Living with HIV and Dying with AIDS
Reviewer: Pamela Pitman Brown, PhD

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